2 Cam Kit 220 : Z220K

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This set is
Camera+Lens 220 Set x 2
Back to Back Panoramic Rig x 1

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 days.It needs time to set up.
It is only for Modified GoPro (use Back-Bone Ribcage).
This is NOT compatible with other cameras.
The base camera is Gopro HERO4 Black.
The Gopro mod kit is Back-Bone Ribcage.
The item may differ slightly from the actual photo.
The warranty period is 3 month from the shipment date.
There may be white spots inside the lens, but it was generated at the time of manufacture and can be used without affecting lens performance.

This warranty does not cover problems with GoPro itself, such as overheating or other malfunction that may occur in GoPro.
The product is shipped with the focus of lenses already adjusted. However, problems related to adjusting focus are not covered by this warranty. Please confirm focus of the lenses before shooting and if the lens is out of focus, please adjust them on your own.

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