Camera+Lens 250 Set

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This set is
Modified GoPro x 1
Entaniya Fisheye 250 x 1

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 days.
It is only for Modified GoPro (use Back-Bone Ribcage).
The base camera is Gopro HERO4 Black.
The Gopro mod kit is Back-Bone Ribcage.
The item may differ slightly from the actual photo.
The warranty period is 3 month from the shipment date.
There may be white spots inside the lens, but it was generated at the time of manufacture and can be used without affecting lens performance.

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Product Description

The product which we use for attachment with Entaniya Fisheye is called RIBCAGE of Back Bone Company in Canada, and the modifying kit enables the lens to be attached to GoPro.

Purchase from overseas dealer

You can purchase modified GoPro overseas dealer:

Bundled items

・Front and rear lens caps
・CS mount adaptor
・CS mount adaptor locking screws
・Allen wrench
・Focus adjust rings
・Packaged with the original housing and accessories

Back Bone Ribcage IR Cut filter

Entaniya Fisheye lens does not need Back-Bone Ribcage IR cut filter and if the IR Cut filter is set the modified GoPro you can not fix the focus. Could you please remove it before the lens mount on the GoPro.
Method of fixing the focus of the camera+lens set.

Back Bone Ribcage lens holder and the lens axis


How to mount an Entaniya Lens on to a Ribcage GoPro Camera. (PDF written by SeeSense)

Could you please use lens holder that is included in the lens box. If you try to install the lens on modified GoPro you can not fix the focus, because of the modified GoPro’s lens holder prevent it.

Sample Videos 360 Panorama Video

Shooting mode

Back to Back : 2.7K(4:3)
3 cameras : 4k(16:9)

Lens Presets for AVP 2.3

AVP presets our lens parameters.
This presets files for AVP 2.2
Download Entaniya fisheye preset files

How install the files on AVP2.2 ?

Attached you will find 3 lens(220 / 250 / 280)presets, here is the procedure to add them in the right folder:
Put your lens preset file in the right folder(Kolor guide)

※GoPro, HERO, GoPro’s logo, and GoPro Be a Hero’s logo are the trademark or a registered trademark of GoPro, Inc.
※Entaniya Fisheye is a product of Entaniya Co., Ltd.
※Entaniya Co., Ltd. is not affiliated with GoPro, Inc.

Additional Information

Weight 2000 g

Sample Videos 250