3 Cam Rig for Back Bone Ribcage Complete Kit 220

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Modified GoPro+Entaniya Fisheye 220 x 3
3Cam Rig for Back-Bone Ribcage x 1


By shooting 4K(16 : 9) with this camera, you can shoot 6K corresponding to equirectangular footage.
In case of shooting by 2.7K(16 : 9), the result becomes 4K/60fps of equirectangular footage.

Size : w 95mm x d 95mm x 80 mm
Weight : with Cameras:780g Rig:209g

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 days.It needs time to set up.
It is only for Modified GoPro (use Back-Bone Ribcage).
This is NOT compatible with other cameras.
The base camera is Gopro HERO4 Black.
The Gopro mod kit is Back-Bone Ribcage.
The item may differ slightly from the actual photo.
The warranty period is 3 month from the shipment date.

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Product Description

Bundled items

Modified GoPro+Entaniya Fisheye 220 x 3
Entaniya Fisheye 3 Cam Rig for Back Bone Ribcage(assembled)


User Manual(PDF)

Recommend Shooting mode


Please check the GoPro HERO 4 Black Product Manual to set the camera.


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