• Entaniya Cube Case 01

    This is a complete set with all the parts.
    In addition to the five acrylic panels, one panel with holes is included in the set.
    You can choose between a tripod screw hole type or flat type for the pacing plate.
    The photo shows the assembly image.

    Included items

    5 x acrylic panels
    1 x Panel with holes
    6 x Sealing mats
    1 x Spacers
    1 x Bottom panel
    4 x Poron feet
    1 x Aluminum plate for pedestal
    4 x Legs for pedestal
    Screws for mounting

    ¥23,660¥24,280 Tax-exclusive price

    Entaniya Cube Case 01

    ¥23,660¥24,280 Tax-exclusive price

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