Method of installing Entaniya Fisheye to GoPro HERO 4 BLACK.

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Method of installing Entaniya Fisheye to GoPro HERO 4 BLACK.

Entaniya Fisheye lens is designated for cameras with mount size of M12/P0.5 and sensor size of 1/2.3-1/1.7.

Action cameras like GoPro HERO4 and HERO3 have a sensor size of 1/2.3 and lens mount of M12/P0.5 so attaching Entaniya Fisheye is possible. (Modification required)

Installing Entaniya lens to GoPro with Back Bone Ribcage.

Using Back Bone Ribcage of modified GoPro kit.

Using Back Bone Ribcage of modified GoPro kit.
When you install Entaniya Fisheye lens to GoPro, we recommend using modified a href=”//” target=”_blank”>Ribcage from GoPro of Back-Bone co in Canada.

This Ribcage of modified kit is enables attaching various different lenses to GoPro after taking the standard lens of GoPro off. It can also be used for installing Entaniya Fisheye with CS mount adapter.
Back Bone Ribcage is made of aluminum and it’s very durable so it’s able to hold lenses. Therefore, you can rest assured that the lens will be stably attached to camera. Therefore, we highly recommend using this method for attaching the lens to GoPro.

In order to attach Ribcage, there’s a need for modification.

Procedure of this modification is explained in the video. However, the process of modification is really difficult because there is a need for using chemicals.

I personally cannot recommend modifying by yourself unless you are used to modifying machines.

Explanation of installing Ribcage.

Camera+lens set

Camera+lens set

n case you aren’t experienced with modifying or for any other reason would like to skip this step and start using Entaniya Fisheye immediately, we recommend “Camera+lens set” which is a set containing a modified GoPro camera with Ribcage and Entaniya Fisheye lens attached. The set is available at Entaniya web shop.

Directly attaching Entaniya lens to GoPro without Back Bone Ribcage

Advantages of using Back Bone Ribcage are that it’s easy to exchange lens and that the lens will be stable regardless of its weight. On the other hand, stitching will difficult if the footage has been shot in narrow spaces like cars, due to NPP(No Parallax Point) getting shifted.

For those who wish to avoid this problem, let me introduce you how you can attach lenses directly to GoPro by taking lens off from GoPro – without Back Bone Ribcage.

Taking the cap of lens holder off.


Stick something like a flat screwdriver head under the cap of lens holder.

The cap can now be taken off.




Removing the lens.


スクリーンショット(2016-04-06 18.47.38)
After the cap of lens holder has been taken off, you can hold the lens with pliers. Hold the lens with pliers and rotate counterclockwise.

When the lens starts loosening, turn it until it comes off.

Removing 3 parts that are supporting lens.

Using pliers, break off the 3 parts surrounded by red line in the picture.

Since these parts are made of plastic, they can be easily removed.

After removing all the parts, the surface will be flat like in the above picture.

Installing the lens.


Wind tape around axis of lens in order to reduce rattle.

Winding it around once is enough.

If you wind the tape around too much or too tightly, it will screw the lens too much and the lens holder will break. Please be careful.

Connect the GoPro to a monitor with a HDMI cable and adjust the focus of the lens while confirming it with the monitor.

dvantages and disadvantages of attaching lens directly.

The advantage of attaching lens directly to camera is that it’ll be easy to shoot 360° VR footage even in narrow spaces because NPP can be easily found.

In case one is using Back Bone Ribcage, camera starts combining video when it’s placed about 2-2.5m away from the object you are shooting. If the lens is attached directly, this distance will shorten to 1-1.5m.

Also, doing modifications is extremely easy. Even for beginners, it’ll take only around 10 minutes to do some of the possible modifications. Because of this, the risk of breaking the camera will be lower and expenses can also be restrained.

The disadvantage of the directly attached lens is that original GoPro holder doesn’t offer adequate support for heavier lenses. Therefore, it might be risky to shoot at places that have a lot vibration for example and heavy lenses such as the Entaniya 280° lens aren’t suitable for these kind of situations. Also, the screw cutter leading to the lens holder is short so it can be only rotated about 2 times.