How to publish 360 ° VR videos on YouTube

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The video is uploaded to YouTube by converting the videos taken by Entaniya Fisheye 280 to Equirectangular format.

When you check in a browser such as Chrome or firefox that it has become in 360 ° VR videos, but if you just upload the video it will not be displayed as 360 ° VR video .

How to upload 360​​° VR videos to YouTube

The cameras are supported by YouTube

To say that YouTube is supporting to the upload of 360° panoramic video, only support videos that have been shotten with the following camera.

Ricoh の Theta
Kodak SP360
Giroptic 360cam
IC Real Tech Allie

These cameras captured video is supported to a YouTube, So just only to upload the video files in the same way as to upload a normal video.

In case of unsupported camera

However, Theta and SP360 is a camera that ordinary people can easily take a 360° VR video, it is difficult to get the high quality video. Many of the 360​​° VR video creators is using GoPro with VR rig.

GoPro is not a camera to take a VR video, so YouTube does not support for 360°. We need to consider how to upload to YouTube.

How to make 360° VR video to YouTube support

First upload the description page of the 360 ° VR video , you download the app.

How to make 360° panoramic video
Tthe middle page, ready for upload per item.

60 Video Metadata
Unzip the downloaded file.
It is an application that 360 Video Metadata.

360 Video Metadata
Select the video file to include the meta data Open button click.

360 Video Metadata
The bottom of the window because the file is read comments such as “You do not have meta data” is displayed Inject and save click on.

360 Video Metadata
Name the file and specify where you want to save.
After a specified Save button click on.

60 Video Metadata
When the save is complete, the dialog of the storage completion is displayed.

Upload to YouTube

When the metadata can video file completed was included, and then upload the video by logging into YouTube account.

Upload to YouTube
How to upload a video, it is exactly the same as you upload a normal video.

This alone, if you browse in the 360 ​​° VR video-enabled browser such as Chrome or firefox, can be displayed as 360 ° VR video.


Upload to YouTube 360 panoramic video
The YouTube has video editing functions, but when you edit a video using the video editing function, 360° VR video will be disabled .

In this way, you will be able to 360° panoramic videos taken using the Entaniya Fisheye also published on YouTube.

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