250° one shot VR

One shot VR is possible only for 250° super wide angle of view fisheye lens.

The video above is shot using only one camera and has then been converted to VR.
You are easily able to create VR by only one shot if using Entaniya Fisheye lens.
*The video was NOT shot with Entaniya 250 MFT.

7 advantages of one shot VR

fisheye lens

No need for stitching work

Difficult stitching is not needed because you only need one shot. Time spent for stitching work can therefore be cut.

No need for software

You don't need any conversion software to develop footage to VR form.
Footage can easily be converted to VR form on Entapano VR conversion website.

Easy shooting

Shooting can be done the same way as general shooting because you only need one camera. You are able to use crib sheet and lightning.

Using background space

It's possible to put logos, advertisements and captions in black space in the background.

Only one camera

You are able to cut equipment costs because you only need one camera.

Attracting is easy

Since the target right in front of the camera will be automatically recognized as main object, it's easy to attract viewers to the main point of the footage.

High resolution VR

Since it's possible to use high level camera, the resulting VR can also have a very high resolution.

One shot is enough for VR

There are lots of situations where one shot is sufficient for VR, such as cars or roller coasters.


Moving forward such as VR of roller coasters, bike and cars.


Point of view of camera moves and viewers can be leaded.


VR where the main point is watching sports from the front.

Immersing type

VR that's meant to be watched deliberately and carefully.

*The video was NOT shot with Entaniya 250 MFT.

Lens that can be used for one shot VR

Since the angle of view of the lens is as wide as 250°, it's possible to shoot one shot footage.





One shot VR converting

For converting one shot VR, Autopano Video or Entapano VR can be used.


By uploading videos and images taken by Entaniya Fisheye lens, they can be converted to VR. You can upload the converted files to services compatible with VR, such as Facebook or YouTube.
Video convering service will be available soon.

Autopano Video

For converting one shot VR, Autopano Video or Entapano VR can be used.