3D Stereo VR Rig Complete Kit

3D Stereo VR Rig Complete Kit

What will you Get ?

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・You can shoot 180degree 3D VR
・Final equirectangular resolution : 4000 x 2000 (4K) 30fps
・Brightest lens that good for to dark places.

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The distance between the center and center of the two lenses can be adjusted based on 6.5 cm.


How much does it Cost ?

・Modified GoPro H5 with Entaniya 220 @127,000 x 2 = ¥ 254,000 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
・3D Stereo VR Rig for modified GoProH5(3DR-GH5) x 1 ¥18,800円 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
 The total cost is ¥272,800 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)

Where to Buy ?

You can buy it from our Online Store or OVERSEAS DEALERS.
*If you buy it from Online Store, the package will be shipped from Japan.

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Is there Support ?

We have forums and support page and you can feel free to ask us via mail.