2 Cameras Rig Kit







back to back

What will you Get ?

・Final equirectangular resolution : 4000 x 2000 (4K) 30fps
・Easy Stitch : Just two cameras and 120 degree over wrap
・Close shot without stitch lines
・Most useful Kit in any situations
・Light weight : 456g(Rig:Dulalumin A2017 40g)

What you Need ?

back to back

・Modified GoPro(Back-Bone Ribcage) with Entaniya 250 x 2
Back to Back Rig for modified GoPro x 1(Images)w 57mm x d 68mm x h 11mm

How much does it Cost ?

・Modified GoPro with Entaniya 250 @165,000 x 2 = ¥ 330,000 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
・Back to Back Rig for modified GoPro x 1 ¥7,800 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
 The total cost is ¥337,800 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)

Where to Buy ?

You can buy it from our Online Store or OVERSEAS DEALERS.
*If you buy it from Online Store, the package will be shipped from Japan.

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How about Results ?


The video was made by Cream Productions.

If you want to check more samples please check our YouTube channel.

What is Software ?

autopano video

Autopano Video presets our lens parameters.

How to Stitch ?

How about Stitch ?

You can download original sample footages.

Is there Support ?

Please check FAQ or you can feel free to ask us via mail.