entapano 2
entapano 2

250 degree fisheye still camera

This still camera is installed with 250°super wide angle of view lens.
¥125,000 JPY (Tax-exclusive price)

Easy to shoot Fisheye Image.

With Entapano 2 you can easily shoot horizontal 250° angle of view by only pushing one button.
You can capture everything you see in front of you in one picture.

fisheye lens

Overwhelming super wide image with horizontal 250° angle of view.

Entapano 2 is installed with uniquely invented super wide 250° fisheye lens.
The camera has overwhelmingly wide lens
so you can shoot not only front but also back of the camera.

ifno lens

Record information on image about where you shoot.

Record information of location will be recorded from GPS and Electronic compass and showed on down-left corner of image.
Shooting directions, locations, time and any characters can be recorded.
In case you want to check where you have shot pictures,you can do so by entering information of locations on a map service such as Google Maps

For example, if you enter recorded「N 36.1116 W 115.1727
on Google maps, the place you shot at will be displayed.

ifno lens

For more information, please click here.

Enjoy Panorama

By registering as an user of panorama conversion service "Entapano VR",
you are able to see your panorama pictures better and can move inside them with your mouse.

Images are able to be moved by dragging with mouse.

Smart functions of Entapano VR.

Entapano VR is automatically able to convert images to panorama, and can also display electronic compass and location information.
Panorama pictures uploaded on the site can also be shared on websites and SNS.

Entapano VR

Automatic conversion

Images taken by Entapano 2 are automatically converted to panorama images. A message is sent to you when the conversion is successful.



After converting panorama images you can upload and publish them on Facebook and YouTube.


Logos in

In case of the 250°, there is free space behind the image. You can designate and insert background colors, logos, images and texts.

360° images by panorama kit.

You can shoo photo for panoramic images with Panorama Kit!

entapano 2

Panorama Kit ¥33,000 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)

360° Panorama Shooting Method

It's easy to shoot by using Entapano 2 and panorama kit.

Set Entapano 2 on panorama kit and then take 2 images - back and front. By shooting to 3 or 4 directions, accuracy when combining photographs will be even higher.
It's important to remember to pay attention to leveler on top of the camera when shooting.

entapano 2

Create 360° panorama images.

Combine Images shot with Entapano 2 and panorama kit
to create panorama by software "PTGui".


How to create 360° panorama image look-like.

You can create 360° panorama by combining images by PTGui like below.
By uploading it on Entapano VR, you can see it as 360° panorama
by sharing it on compatible services such as Facebook.

entapano 2


entapano 2
Name Entapano 2 Inferface microUSB
Model ENTAPANO-C2 SD Slot SDHC (max 32GB )
Color Dark Gray Battery Polymer Li-ion Battery
Normal Shooting Distance 50cm~∞ Energy Consumption 3.7V 8.1Wh 2.2Ah
CMOS sensor 1/2.3" inch Field of View 250°
Still Picture Resolution 14.6 mega Focal Length 1.38mm
Speaker F value F/2.8
GPS Lens Structure 11 Element Glass
Electronic Compass Lens ED x1
SHRx 2